Contrib-s7 problem with WiFi

Hello everyone.

I am controlling a LOGO! PLC using node-red-contrib-s7 (3.0.0-beta.3) with a Raspberry Pi model 4. Everything works properly, but when I connect the Raspberry Pi model 4 to the WiFi, the node disconnects.

I have no idea what might be going on, do you have any idea what the problem might be?

Thank you in advance.

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How is the PLC connected to the Pi?

What exactly do you mean by

but when I connect the Raspberry Pi model 4 to the WiFi, the node disconnects.

Do you mean that it was connected (e.g. via ethernet) and when you start the WiFi it then disconnects?

Thank you for the welcome

It is connected via ethernet

Yes! ThatĀ“s exactly what happended. Also, when the raspbi is connected to the WiFi itĀ“s impossible to connect to the LOGO

What is the PLC connected to by it's ethernet wire? To the router or direct to the Pi? If connected to the Pi then the reason it stops when you connect the wifi if that the Pi will expect all comms to go via the wifi. If this is the problem then I think there are two solutions, one is to connect the PLC to the router, the other is to configure the Pi so that it uses different routes for the PLC address and everything else.

The PLC is connect to the Pi directly

How can I configure the Pi to do this?

Thank you very much for your answer! How did you know that was the problem? How can I learn this knowledge?

That isn't a node-red question of course. You could use the ip route command to tell the system to route comms with the PLC ip address through eth0 (or whatever is the ethernet device). I don't use that command often enough to know the correct syntax so I would have to google how to do it.
It is much easier if you can connect the PLC to the network rather than the Pi, but I realise that may not be practical.

I was able to guess that might be the problem because I have spent the last 50 years working in IT. You can acquire such knowledge by doing the same, or at least making a start down that path.

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Thank you very much for yout help @Colin ! I`ve no idea of IT so I wouldnĀ“t have known how to fix that.

Can I ask you a last favour? IĀ“m a bit concern about the cybersecurity. I know this isnĀ“t a node-red question but I would really apreciate if you could give me some starting point in this aspect. I would like my device to be secure enough to be able to use in industrial environments.

Thank you very much in advance!

Security is all down to the level of risk you are prepared to accept and the treats specific to your environment (which we know nothing about).

We can't answer those questions for you.

As a non IT guy you should very proud for thinking on Cybersecuritiy.
As a starting point I have a tip for you: do not connect, neither the Raspi or the Logo to the internet. That should keep you safe from an attack.

And what should be the next point if I want to connect the Raspi to the internet?

If you search the forum you should be able to find many discussions on how to do this. The best advice is don't do it unless you understand the security issues. There are alternatives such as using telegram for notifications and for running actions in node-red, without opening your network up to the internet.

That sounds very interesting! In my case IĀ“m thinking of controlling the device from anywhere in the world. This only leaves me the option to connect to the internet...

But as I said before, IĀ“ve no idea of IT. I would like to know, but everytime I have searched in Internet about this topic I have found a over-information that makes me very difficult to find a starter point

Search the forum not the internet

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