S7comm with raspberry pi

Hi everyone.
I am using using "s7comm" node with raspberry pi in a common network. But It shows "error" and "disconnected". While I used the same setting with my laptop and that was working fine. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Can you ping the s7 from the Pi?

Check the following picture for further detail:

And the answer to my question?

I am not sure about it.

What you not sure about? How to ping???

Yeah, I just connected raspberry pi, PLC, and my laptop on the same network. And just used "s7comm" node.

Have you really checked they are all on the same network? That is why I asked

To verify this, what is shown when you write "ifconfig" in a terminal?

What is your router ip address?
Then try to ping your router, your laptop and then the s7. Here I ping my router
If you feel uncomfortable with these type of linux commands, I'm worried, don't think I can help you more

Thanks for your kind response, I always happy to learn something new and It will be my pleasure to learn something form you.
My router IP is : and PLC IP is :
While I used both commands and the following image shows the status.

I think there is the problem. The PLC (S7) has ip so I assume you cannot reach it from the RPi that has

They are on different network segment so I do not think you can ping the S7 from the Rpi

Try now the following command on the raspberry:

What is shown now?

I assume you have to change so they are all on the same network segment. Easiest might be to change the ip in the S7 to a free address, something like 192.168.178.X (where X is a number not already taken)

I got this.


Yes exactly what I guessed, there is no response from the S7

Can you now change the ip-address of the S7 to something 192.168.178.X and test again (you might have to restart the S7 after the change, I do not now how to configure the S7 (even though I worked for Siemens many years)

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I have changed my PLC IP and now it is working :smiley:
Thanks, @krambriw for your kind help.

Now your Node-RED connection must work also!

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Yes :smiley:

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