Read PLC-variables on a S7-1500 with Raspberry Pi

Hey Guys,

i want to read a variable from my Siemens ET200SP with Node-RED on Raspberry Pi via Ethernet. I tried the "S7 in"-Node, but there are 2 Errors.
"Error:connect ECONNREFUSED"
"Error:connect ECONNREFUSED".
Under the note there is the red "offline"-mark.
I hope there is any help for me...

Can you ping the plc? In plc enable get/put and in node setup rack = 1.

If i ping it, the Raspberry Pi`s Output is:"PING 56(84) Bytes of data".

Where is this "get/put" in PLC? I can`t find it

Sorry don’t have tia open in front of me. You will have do a bit of digging through the controller properties. It’s there...

S7-1200 and S7-1500 CPU access requires access using "Slot 1" and you must disable optimized block access (in TIA portal) for the blocks you are using. In addition, you must "Enable GET/PUT Access" in the 1200/1500 controller in TIA Portal. Doing so opens up the controller for other access by other applications as well, so be aware of the security implications of doing this.

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