Contribute improvement to node-red-node-wemo: return InsightParams in WemoLookup

When using the node-red-node-wemo set of nodes, I found a discrepancy in the returned information by the wemo nodes, and I would like to fix that with a Pull Request. I have the code ready but before submitting the PR I’d like toget feedback on the suggested improvement (as noted in the contribution guidelines):

Actual state (node red v18.4):
The “Wemo In” node that is notifications-based, returns this type of information for the Wemo Insight device:
“raw”: “<e:propertyset xmlns:e=“urn:schemas-upnp-org:event-1-0”>\n<e:property>\n8|1454271649|301|834|56717|1209600|8|1010|638602|12104165\n</e:property>\n</e:propertyset>\n\n\r”,
“state”: “8”,
“power”: 1.01,
“sid”: “uuid:ea808ecc-1dd1-11b2-9579-8e5c117d479e”,
“type”: “socket”,
“name”: “WeMo Insight”,
“id”: “221450K1200F5C”
BUT, the Wemo Lookup node returns the following data:
{“state”: 0|1|8}
Note: only one field is included.

Desired state: regardless the node used (Wemo In or WemoLookup), both APIs should return the same fields, since they are informing about the same device, just in polling or notifications method.

Thoughts? if this should be posted elsewhere please let me know.