WEMO node seems to have stopped working

Hi All

For several years now I've had a collection of flic buttons, a couple of node red instances and hue lights / wemo plugs controlling the lights in my house without hitch.

Recently things haven't been so good.

Over the last week or so the wemo switches have been very slow to respond often taking 5 - 10 seconds to switch after the hue light had responded.

I noticed that I had a wemo update pending so I updated my switches. After that they didn't respond to node-red at all (but still respond to google assistant).

I took a look at node-red and every time it tries to switch a wemo plug it prints out "no device found" on the console.

I have tried updating the node to the latest version but it still doesn't work.

This is a real pain... I hope I can it fixed.

Any help much appreciated.

What wemo node are you using?
Have you checked to see if there is an update for the node?
If not have you seen if there is an open issue on the github page for the node about compatibility with the new wemo firmware?

If not it’s worth opening one

sorry, that would have been useful information wouldn't it! The node is node-red-node-wemo and I just updated it to the latest version 0.1.15.

The github page for the node says don't ask here, ask on the discourse page! That's where I got the url! :slight_smile:

Ahh a real node-red-node rather than a node-red-contrib node

From the install notes

These nodes use the uPnP discovery so may not discover your devices if you have a firewall enabled

has anything in your network changed recently?

nope, nothing changed.