Control Eufy Lumos LED Bulb


i´m still searchin for a solution to control the Anker Eufy lumos smart bulb. In the meantime i found something on NPM: NPM Link

Is there any tip or trick how i can use this as a node in node red ?

Assuming that there isn't already a node that has been created (check the flows site). There are two main ways to use a package like this with Node-RED.

  1. Install the package and reference it in settings.js (assign it to a global) then access that global variable in a function node.
  2. Write a custom node to wrap the package.

What about the npm node? I've not used it nor do I know if it will work but I know it exists.


Good call, I'd forgotten about that.

Have you used it? Not sure how it fits together or if it's suitable for this use case?

No, not used it I'm afraid. Not had a need.

Hard to predict whether it would work without trying it I think. It will depend how the package operates.

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Thanks for the tip Steve, pretty sure I can use it for other things :slight_smile:

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for me it´s not the solution ... hopefully someone with more experience can do an "easy to use" node in the future.