Control gree AC with node-red-contrig-gree-hvac

Good day to all,

This is my first foray into Node-Red, I am currently running Home Assistant on a RPI4b to control a lot of stuff in my home including my Gree AC. One thing that Home Assistant cannot do is control the swing mode's fixed positions.

I have downloaded Node-Red and "node-red-contrig-gree-hvac" and the dashboard dependency. Currently the example flow works as is, meaning the dashboard works and I can see the state of everything change if I issue a command from Home Assistant. I can also change modes from the dashboard, so everything works.

So now that I've got this part down, I think I need my hand held for the rest. I am no programmer but I am familiar with more "traditional" programming languages. I am completely at a loss as to how to issue commands to the AC according to states.

What I'd like to achieve is to have the vertical swing mode change automatically depending on AC mode.

For example:
If AC Mode = heat then vertical swing = Fixed Bottom

If AC Mode = cool then vertical swing = Fixed Top.

Any help appreciated, screenshots more than welcome.

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