Control servi with video and node red install on rbpi

I want to control servo with video, if i am running video on nodered and want to control PWM according to video is it possible and how to do this

What aspect of the video is to control the PWM?

like virtual headset chair setup when person sees that he is droping forward then move motor accordingly

Do you mean you want to move a motor based on the position of the head of a person in the video?

yes , actually virtual headset plays video like of paratroping so motor move what according to what is showing in the video

Do you have an algorithm/ai routine that interprets videos and generates values according to the video feed ?

I'd love to see how a flat 2d video could generate meaningful servo actions for (I assume) some kind of "added environmental feedback" during playback?

I personally think you would need an "automation track" (like in most modern DAWs ) that simply plays alongside the video.

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