Servo going in a loop

i m using a servo as gate that opens and close when i click a button linking them both to Trigger, the problem is :
the servo keeps moving +90 to -90 degrees back and forth in infinite loop :slight_smile:

That's not good.

Thanks for the feedback, do you have any advise to stop the loop?

Have you tried editing your flow?

like how precisely

How would we know? you have supplied no information.

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Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. the flow consist of three components a button a trigger and a PWM servo, the goal is when button clicked the servo will move 90 degrees then come back to the initial value then Stops once for all , the problem in my case is that the servo keeps moving by going back and forth

It's like me asking, i have a piece of string, if i hold it up and it touches the floor, how long is it?

supply a flow and the input messages

read this to find out how to capture messages
and this to export your flow

and how to post the info How to share code or flow json

Maybe attach a debug node to the output of the trigger node so you can see what is being passed onward

Do you have a feedback mechanism - the button triggers the servo, servo responds and updates the button?

I sometimes get a smart socket "hunting" (is that the word?) because I update the button with the smart socket's reported status. If I happen to press the button again before the response arrives it starts a chain reaction.

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