Controlling Daikin ducted unit via Nodered


I am about to purchase a reverse cycle ducted heating/aircon unit from Daikin (FDYQN250LB indoor coil unit with RZQ250LY1 outdoor condenser and one Nav Ease controller).

Info is here: INVERTER DUCTED | Daikin

Has anyone managed to integrate controls from Nodered to this Daikin (or similar daikin units)?

If so, can you please explain your setup? Really don't know where to start with this. I currently have a mixture of WIFI and Zigbee protocols for various things controlled by nodered.

I can't see any indication on the Nav Ease manual that there is any remote capability.

Thanks for that, I've since learnt there's a WIFI module (model # BRP072A42). Apparently the HomeAssistant guys have this working with an off the shelf integration. The integration interfaces with the Daikin API (?).

Want to try and interface with it directly from nodered and if it has an API, I should be able to if someone knows what the API commands are (cannot find them anywhere!). Or better yet if someone has an example flow they've managed to use, that would be great!

If the HA guys have been working on accessing the API, that's the best place to start. That's what I did with the Drayton Wiser API.

Thanks - I will post on that forum too!

If anyone is looking for the answer, this tutorial explains it quite well!


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