Controlling PTZ IP-Cam over Fakeroku with Logitech Harmony

Hallo all,

first please forgive me my not perfect english.
I am using a Logitech Harmony and for my TV Receiver. I managed it to view the stream of the ip cameras like a normal TV channel.
My goal is to control the PTZ IP-Cam also with my Logitech Harmony. I just want it to move to the defined presets, if i press a button on it.
The harmony system is pretty bad when its coming to home automation. But I think its possible to do it with the fakeroku node and some Java knowings (which I aint got).

Things i


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already found out or achieved:

The problem I got is to bring it all together. To move to PTZ preset 1 i want to press the play button on the Harmony triggering the fakeroku device. If that is happening the function node should perform a command to move the camera.
But there is nothing happening.

The second problem I got is, that the token for the camera is changed by itselft all 5 minutes.
I know how I find it out but I don’t know how to get that automatically and put it into the command.
Can anybody here help me with that?

There is already a similar topic in this forum. But my camera is not using MQTT. So its not possible to use the solution there Unbenannt Unbenannt2

Thanks for every help in advance.

Greetings Andi

I doubt I'll be able to help you but does your camera happen to support ONVIF? If it does then maybe the PTZ control could be achieved with GitHub - bartbutenaers/node-red-contrib-onvif-nodes: Node Red nodes for communicating with OnVif compliant IP devices

I own a Harmony Hub but I've only used it to receive commands from Node-RED and not the other way around (well it doesn't even have a remote).


Hi ristomatti,

thanks for your input. Ofc it is a help.
The good thing is my cameras are all supporting Onvif. I will try that out the next days.
There is already the possiblity implemented to move to presets. So the problem with the token is gone.

If this will work, then i just have to bring the input command of the fakeroku device and the onvif node together.

I will report as soon as i had time to take a look at it.

Greetings Andi

Hello guys,

i made it. Thanks to @ ristomatti again. He gave me the hint in the right direction.

I needed 3 nodes:

To controll the ip cam with the Logitech harmy you have to install the Fakeroku node and create a fake hub. Then you can connect it to the Logitech Harmony hub.

There are now 12 button on the remote control which can be used in the way you want.

I am using the buttons for moving to the presets 1 to 5 and to move in the direction I want. Also it is possible now to zoom in and out.

First I got the problem if a movement was triggered, it wouldn’t stop. So there is also a time delay node to trigger the stop after the time you want. In this way its possible to set the angle the camera is moving by pressing the button one time on the harmony. More time before you trigger the stop command, the more the cam will move with once pressing.

If you have any question, just feel free to ask.

Greetings Andi


Great to hear you were able to work it out from there! Quite a spiderweb you got there. :smile:

looks logical and easy to understand to me... !

Agree. I've got a bunch myself. :smile:

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