Logitech Harmony Elite and Node-RED?

I've never used a Harmony Elite remote control before, but in the UK they are on offer for half price (Amazon flash deal, 9 hours left...)

I'm not the normal user, don't have a TV or anything like that, but do have loads of lighting and audio control set up in Node-RED, so I'm interested in getting one of these things.

Looks like the Node-RED plugin allows control of the Harmony Hub from Node-RED - seems the wrong way around to me (why would I want to remotely control a remote control?!)

Are there any other ways to use this Logitech device to act as a remote control for Node-RED items?

If so - kindly let me know within the next 8 hours and 54 minutes :slight_smile:

Put a flirc on a device running node-RED. the flirc should output HID input. Capture the HID input and use it to trigger flows.

I actually bought a flirc to do exactly this. It arrived last week but I've been spending too much time driving, at work, or drinking with friends to actually test it yet. My exact reasons to try this route are that the nodes I'm using are able to detect and report on activity changes and send commands to the hub, and I have even been able to get the emulated hue hub that one of the alexa local nodes presents to show up on the harmony remote, but logitech doesn't allow you to map home control actions to media buttons or vice versa, and I reeeeallly want to make it so if I hit play while on an activity that would use my projector the theater lights will auto dim (and vice-versa when stopping or pausing.)

hey jay, i know this is an old thread. but what you were recommending is exactly what im trying to do.

i have a flirc and i want to capture that hid input to toggle a sonoff device.

what nodes can i use to achieve this?

thanks in advance