Controlling WordMap node - "Auto-pan" command

I am successfully sending commands to the WorldMap node but have not found a command for setting Auto-pan on/off other than manually. Looking on the list of commands there doesn't appear to be a command available.

I am hoping to be able to drag the displayed map away from the position centred on the GPS location, so I can 'look ahead' at other adjacent areas. I could then toggle between free dragging and displaying the position.

Any thoughts of suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


hmm - I think you can use a map command { panit : true } to turn it on and false for off..
not sure why it isn't documented - but let me know if it works and I'll fix it either way.


Thanks for getting back to me!

I've just tried the commands. Unfortunately both {"panit" : true } and {"panit" : false } have the same effect - they certainly disable the Auto Pan set in the node settings! We are getting there!

Ok - small fix pushed - true should now enable - v2.15.1
(you can of course just recentre the map to wherever with a command also so that could be a work around also.)


I've upgraded and restarted but no change for me, I'm afraid. Once panit is unset, it remains so. I am monitoring the messages sent for each condition via debug and the correct command object values are shown. Interestingly panlock does work - both set and unset!


{"command":{"panlock":"true"}}; Working!
{"command":{"panlock": "false"}}; Working!

Switches between modes – “locked” or “unlocked”


{"command":{"coords":"deg"}}; Working - turns decimal degree coordinates on
{"command":{"coords": "none"}}; Not working – makes no change, coordinates remain visible

Turns co-ordinates on only. Cannot turn off.

{"command":{"panit":true}} Working – switches map to draggable mode
{"command":{"panit":false}} Not working - does nothing

Switches Auto Pan off but will not switch back on again.

These are the only three commands I have tried so far.

Your kind guidance for using this excellent node is greatly appreciated !

Many thanks for v2.15.2 - it certainly addresses the issue of AutoPan on/off!


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