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Hello everyone.

Have a system that I wrote many years ago in Excel & VBA using DDE Links. Want to move away from that as its clunky and getting outdated. Need to add some new tags so this is as good of a time as ever.

I have an ControlLogix (L71) processor. I need to read an array (100,30). Currently, this is done in an excel spreadsheet with each row and column mapped to the actual data point.

I'd like to go to a mySQL or some other type DB. I can make a front end that reads from that for the user interaction.

The second part is there is a trigger on the PLC to print a ticket. This is the updated item that comes from the PLC. I need to take this data (from the 99th part of the array and it's elements) and create an CSV file.

From what I have read on Node-RED I think I can do all of this. Just want to confirm before heading down this route.

there are nodes for reading AB PLCS

There are lots of DB nodes avaiable. MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, and many many more. I would suggest starting with SQLite as it requires very little to get up and running. The simply migrate to mySQL (or other) once you get the gist of things.

You will likely have to poll the address that signals "print a ticket" (I am not overly familiar with AB nodes)

Creating a CSV file is child's play.

I do not see anything in your requirements that Node-RED cannot handle.

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