Conversion does not work for me?


i am reading several float values from Global and add them up in parameter payload:

var v1 =  global.get('V.S.Power')||0; 
var v2 =  global.get('V.N.Power')||0; 
var v3 =  global.get('V.O.Power')||0;

msg.payload =  v1 + v2 + v3;

To get a nice value for my Dashboard I try to convert the value to an INT:

msg.payload = parseInt(msg.payload);

But no matter what I try, I always get a FLOAT value instead of an INT ... showing dozens of digits behind the coma :frowning:
What am I doing wrong ?


Do you return the msg after setting payload?

Yes, I return two msg-Objects:

return [msg,msg2];

I pass the msg to a dashboard text Node using {{msg.payload}}

Try .toFixed(0);

msg.payload = parseInt(msg.payload).toFixed(0);

I suspect you are returning an array to the text display in the dashboard
ie. [7, 12345]
can we see a debug of the function output?

And what is in msg2?
Do you have 2 outputs on the function?
which msg (msg or msg2) is the one going to this dashboard item?

msg2 is another value but is independent, ignore it

yes, I have 2 outputs, the first one (msg) goes to the dashboard, ignore msg2 :slight_smile:

Put a debug node on the output going to the ui node and show us what it says.

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