How to change strings into integer from an object

This is my msg.payload Object:

How could i change all string values into integers?

I think a function like this will work...

msg.payload = {"temperature":"35.1", "humidity":"27.3", "location": "Las Vegas"}
for (const key in msg.payload) {
    if (parseInt(msg.payload[key])) {
        msg.payload[key] = parseInt(msg.payload[key]);
return msg;

But I see that your example NewATURVendor is almost numeric (Hex?) and you might want to perform parseInt() only on selected fields.

I think that may need to be a bit more sophisticated. If the string value is "0" then the if will fail. Perhaps it should be a NaN test.

Thanks a lot. Here is my complete solution:

msg.measurement = "ZOOMsoft/DSL"

for ( const key in msg.payload ) {
    if ( typeof msg.payload[ key ] == "undefined" ) {
        msg.payload[ key ] = 0;

    } else {
        if ( parseInt( msg.payload[ key ] ) ) {
            msg.payload[ key ] = parseInt( msg.payload[ key ] );


msg.payload = [ msg.payload , { name: "Banu Haus" } ];

return msg;

after that i send the data to an influxdb

But sometimes i get errors:

If typeof msg.payload[key] == "undefined" is not correct?

Add two named debug node, showing what is going into the function and what is coming out. What do they show when the write fails?


That might be the spot where it fails.

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