Convert 2 modbus words to float

Hi folks,

I'm trying to convert 2 words in a ModbusTCP read, to a float value.
Using node-red-contrib-buffer-parser, I'm not able to convert to float.

This is what I get in Modbus read:
[ 16888, 1049 ]

I don't understand how to configure buffer parser node.

Help me please.


Hello ..

If you wire a complete msg Debug node to the output of your Modbus-Flex-Getter
you'll get a msg structured like below that includes the buffer data for Buffer-parser to use for the conversion


Copy paste a sample of the data and tell us what real values it should be

You can feed the 16bit integer values into buffer parser ...

BUT, as @UnborN points out, you should use the actual buffer

Then configure the buffer parser as so...

be sure to read the built in help...