Cookbook - Simple GET request

A couple of questions about this cookbook recipe:

1- The flow does not match the picture. As a matter of fact, the flow has a bad CSS selector. As far as I can remember this was corrected at some point. I am not sure how come it is wrong now. The text in the recipe explains to select the correct CSS for the purpose node-red-latest-version and the flow does not reflect this.


2- Now a question related to the html node that is puzzling me What is the purpose of the first field with the label Property ? If it is left empty the node works fine. In which cases one would enter a value in this field ?

re 2) - it's the msg property that the node will act upon - which (of course) defaults to msg.payload... but you can set it to handle something else if you like... and likewise you can output to a different property... so you can then chain them together - and at the same time keep the original property intact.

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Thanks for the feedback. You'll note each recipe page has a feedback button on it. That will raise an issue against the cookbook with your comments and help us keep track of where changes are needed.

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