Copy file from Docker to Host (Synology)

I need some help.
I have Node-Red running as an instance in ioBroker which is running in a Docker container on my Synology DS.
With the node "write file" I have written some data to a file called TEST.txt.
In Docker terminal

find -name TEST.txt


the full path appears to be

In Synology SSH Terminal (as Admin)

sudo docker ps

delivers CONTAINER ID ab6e717f3401 and NAMES buanet-iobroker1
--> Without sudo permission is denied!

Still in Synology SSH Session,


delivers "Drive" (which is a folder in admin's home-folder).
So .... I would like to copy TEST.txt to "Drive".
In Syno SSH:

sudo  docker cp ab6e717f3401:/opt/iobroker/node_modules/iobroker.node-red/TEXT.txt /Drive

The command is executed without an error message. But there is no file in Drive.
What am I doing wrong? I am not fluent in terminal-commands. So please .... slowly :slightly_smiling_face:


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