Copy more then 500 Byte in debug

I become an array of around 700 byte from an serial device. It is an array.
When i use an Debug the Message drop in the Debug window and shows it has 700 Byte. When i use the Copy Message Button in the Debug window it copy only 500 Byte
Is this an Bug or an Feature? Is there any way to Copy the full Message ?
Greetings from Germany

Hi Sven

I assume you mean buffer?

Yes, but you will note the 500~700 are not viewable.

It is a feature to prevent the websocket from node-red to browser being overloaded.

In situations like this, if you actually need to inspect 700 individual bytes, it is notmally recommended you write the payload to a file for closer inspection.

NOTE: the data is there (at server-side) it is just not transmitted to the debug (to keep the editor responsive)

Okay thank you.

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