Debug Text Limitation

I have some very long json content going to the debug window. The debug window seems to be truncating them with a ... at the end.

I did a search but could not find out how to be able to see the whole content in the debug window.

I believe this can be set in the setting js.
If you output to console i think you will see the whole thing, or run it through a json node then you can see more in the debug pain.

Thanks. Outputting it to the console worked.

I recently posted a custom logger that may help. It uses Node-RED's standard logs but filters them and outputs to a web page.

For future reference, the max length of a debug message is defined in settings.js:

    // The maximum length, in characters, of any message sent to the debug sidebar tab
    debugMaxLength: 1000,

There appears to be no way to set it to unlimited, so you are right to use the console log if you need all of the data... or you can always put a file write node next to your main flow.

I usually increase that to 10,000 -- just remember to restart node-red after making that change.

Just remember that the debug panel can get VERY laggy if posting a lot of long data to it, that is why it was kept short in the first place :grinning:

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