How do you increase the payload array length in the debug console?

I am noticing that the array length in the debug console is 999 items. Apparently this can be increased by changing the settings, how do you do this. Also is it possible to increase the string length of each array item so that they are not chopped


you adjust debugMaxLength in the node-red settings.js file - but beware; here be dragons! Transmitting 15298 objects might make your browser cccccrrrraaaawwwwllllll

The limit is there for a very good reason.

If you just need to inspect the data, you could set the "console" option on a debug node or write the data to file (using a file node)

I toggled that setting, I thought at first it applied only to the strings, however it applies to the array objects also. True it would increase lag possibly fatally!

Or use a contrib node or subflow Library - Node-RED