The editor is not a dashboard (no synths)

When I was young, a band called Queen came along.

On there early albums, they proudly said "No synths used"

This was later dropped (Also see Google and "Do No Evil" as well) :slight_smile:

Is it time to drop "The editor is not a dashboard"?

I say this but I'm just after a small change :slight_smile:

Currently, debug node status is limited to 32 chars

Which is enough in many cases

But us hard-core NRers often need more debugging chars than that

We are prepared for them to ruin the editor aesthetics but we need more!

So we write our own function debug nodes and set node.status ourselves to whatever length we need/want/crave.

Could we have an option in the debug node to remove the 32 char restriction please?

#ThinEndOfTheWedge ???

Not yet. You can use the jsonata capability of the debug node to reformat/ recode your debug messages to fit.
Oh ok. How about 33 chars ?
And yes vinyl is still better. :slight_smile:

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Come on - it's 2023 now!

But what's the magic JSONata sauce to output a node.status > 32 chars?

The secret sauce is to use jsonata to trim/strip/filter your long debug messages down to less than 32 chars…

Agree, surely the NR user should determine if they are more comfortable using the editor to monitor performance, or a dashboard.
It's been raised previously by users, and dissed by the NR team.

I don't necessarily disagree with the 32 chars debug limit, there are other options available.
Maybe an option to click & expand the debug from 32 chars default to the full msg??

Just because ....


Thank you Santa :slight_smile:

I'll finally be able to see what the sixth colour was :slight_smile:

And what have cheerlights been?



I love to see a can-do attitude! :grinning:


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