[Feature Request] Move debug max chars into node settings

Following on from this thread: https://discourse.nodered.org/t/http-request-bearer-token-truncated

I would like to propose moving the max chars into the node settings it’s self.

Every so often, we get asked as to why messages are being truncated, only to explain to the end user to change debug settings in the settings file.

I think moving this setting, into the node setting its self, will remove these instances of confusion, as I believe this will highlight to the user why they might see a truncated message, which they can address without raising the concern in thinking the runtime is truncating data.

I believe we'd still get the same amount of questions, just different & much more ambiguous...

"Why is my browser really slow"

"Why is my browser tab crashing"

"Why sometimes do I get late/slow messages"

"Why does my CPU spike every do often"


All because they forgot they set it to 10000000 and a flurry of large messages came through.

I didn't mean to put a damper on the FR - it is an obvious and sensible (and desirable) request but I suspect the side effects may be worse?

I am 100% happy to be corrected here btw.

Perhaps instead, inside the debug node could have a form tip that spells out the limitation?


I agree on the concerns, an overlook on my part!

In favour of avoiding the examples you provided, having the debug node make clear reference to the defaults would seem a great happy medium!

World you be up for raising an issue please? Link back to this thread too

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