Debug node suggestion

First, congratulations on version 2.0.

I read in the article for it that you welcome suggestions for future versions, so I thought I would offer mine. Apologies of this exists and my lack of knowledge means I haven't found it.

The option I would like is to have the default output on the debug node set to "complete message object" or be able to set it as a default if the user wants to. For my personal use, I find it a bit annoying having to change it each time.



Plus’s one from me. This is something I asked for quite awhile ago.

Agreed. When using the debug node I nearly always want to see the whole message, as I tend to use additional fields.

Same here, always more want to see it all.

Totally agree. I usually just set one to message object and copy/paste from that point out.

I also always use "complete message object", but I can imagine this might have a negative performance impact for some installations (since more data is being pushed to the flow editor frontend)...

Indeed - we aren't likely to change the default behaviour for the node for this reason. But letting the user pick their own default is worth thinking about.

We don't have a pattern for users to set default preferences for a node's configuration. Would need to think about how that could work in general and not just for the Debug node.


Agreed. It is true for debug but all nodes with a configuration could benefit of this feature.
At the moment, I am keeping in a tab called "template" the configured nodes (without any link between them) I often used and I can reuse them through copy/paste. Not ideal but save some hassle. A cleaner way would be good.

I would like the option to choose the default behavior as well.

Why not set up something using the library? Then you can always import the snippet.

Select a node configured how you want. Use the menu to export it but to the library rather than clipboard. Now you can import it whenever you like.

The difference is simplicity of usage. Drag in node with user defined default settings versus couple of clicks including search by name and also having some kind of naming system which does not make the user to memorize too hard without having notebook side by ...
It is question of time to result and that is one of major benefits of Node-RED. And can be improved ..

Well, I will admit that it has never bothered me. Personally, I will only ever need to do a configured debug node once per tab. Everything else is copy/paste anyway.

But then, as the most common starting flow that I do is inject->function->debug, that is what I put into the library. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I always start with msg.payload output for debug as the extra cruft always annoys me :slight_smile:

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Ah, that explains it. I've always been a guitar player :rofl:


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