Debug node: option to have "complete msg object" as default

When creating a new debug node, the default ist "msg.payload". It would be nice to have somewhere an option that for a project or for my workspace "complete msg object" is the default.

In most case I need the whole object.

Totally agree...

This came up in another thread just yesterday.

As it stands we have no way of setting user-defined defaults for a node. I agree there are cases where it would be useful - but will require some thought as to how to do it properly.

I spent some time thinking about that

In my install, I also sort the keys alphabetically and move every key that starts with "_" to the end.

I created a subflow with debug node (complete msg) and one input.
It seems to work. Have to test it more, but could be a work around for me.

Won't all the instances have the same node name in the debug output?

Not if you use Subflow Env properties to set the Debug node's name. You can then name each subflow instance as you would normally - and the debug node will pick it up.

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