Correct json notation?

Hello - very much a NR newbie.

I want to make a HomeBridge compatable light come on when the drive gate opens, but I can't work out what the correct notation is within a change node.

To test things I have created this flow:

I have downloaded and installed the homebridge-magichome-platform plugin for HomeBridge, and have included the following in my config file. What should I put in the change node to trigger the lights? I have tried loads of combinations such as {"On":"false"} etc etc, but none work.

When I have got this test to work, I can bring in a feed from the gate.


        "platform": "MagicHome-Platform",
        "debug": true,
        "lights": [
                "name": "Office LEDs",
                "ip": "",
                "setup": "RGBW",
                "purewhite": false,
                "timeout": 10000
        "presetSwitches": [
                "name": "Gate Open Strobe Flash",
                "ips": {
                    "": "255,255,255"
                "preset": "seven_color_strobe_flash",
                "speed": 60

Hi .

What node is that orange office LED node? Have you read it's readme in the flow library? When that orange node is selected/highlighted, look in the sidebar info panel to see if it has some built-in help information?

Also, show us the debug output.

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Is that meant to be an IP and network mask? If so, the mask should probably be ""

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With it being office lights, it could also be IP address of the device, followed by RGB brightness levels from 0 to FF in hexadecimal. Which in this context makes more sense to me :slight_smile: But obviously I could be wrong too


haha, you can tell that my IT background is coming through as I immediately assumed infrastructure. :grin:


Thanks all - your replies made me look deeper and I now realise that just selecting the "to" dropdown of JSON isn't enough - you also have to type the { & } in the box. Very embarrassing, but at least I now know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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