Correct position of the .npmrc file for an node-red instance


I am running multiple node-red instances on a Windows PC.
Each instance runs the same node-red installation. I have made the separation via the settings.json file.
I have one node-red installation directory and multiple instance directories (userDir in settings.json).

Now I wanted to attach a local npm register per instance. Each instance needs its own access token. I wanted to insert this token into the .npmrc file and put the file into the userDir. Node-RED or npm does not use the npmrc file from the userDir when installing a node from my catalog. It always uses the .npmrc file from the user context. In my case the file C:\Users\testuser001\.npmrc.

Where do I put the .npmrc file created specifically for a node-red instance so that npm uses it when installing a node for a specific instance?

The definative answer is going to come from npm. This is a link to the doc: npmrc | npm Docs

That implies that it should pick up a .npmrc file in the userDir as that is where the package.json and node_modules for the nodes installed via the Manage Palette option, npm is run from the userDir.

Originally it did not work. When I put the file in the userDir it was not used. Only after I deleted all .npmrc files on the PC and created new ones, it worked. Apparently one .npmrc had priority over the ones in userDir.

Thanks for your help!

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