Create flow using aes

please, i need to create flow: sensor node send encrypted data by aes and dat will be decrypted by another sensor node. During the simulation i must recuperate energy consumption and tie execution for both operations encryption and decryption. it's possible, if yes acn you help e please.....i will be very grateful

Not fully understanding what you are talking about regarding "simulation" and ""recuperate energy consumption"; but from the sound of your post, it looks like a homework assignment or school project.

As for AES, it is easy to encrypt and decrypt in Node-RED using AES. You don't really need a "third-party contrib node" for it; as you can easily do this with a few lines of Javascript in a function node.

See this post for some working function node node for Node-RED using AES (sample Javascript and PHP code):

You should be able to take those examples and make AES work easily in your flow.

Maybe I simple misunderstood what you are trying to do?

thanks a lot for your reply,

I explain more what i want to do:i try to measure metrics of performances for sensors node connected to gateway, so a sensor node must authenticate on a gateway to send data, the authentication contains hash operations(sha1), encryption operations(aes128) and certification rsa. First, I want create a flow containing sensor node1 send encrypted data (by AES) to sensor node2 wich will decrypt the data sent by sensor1, and i want to recuperate metrics of performances and basically the energy consumption and time execution of sensor node after executing operations encryption/decryption.

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