Create HL7 Message with segments

Hi All,

I am trying to create a HL7 messages from the JSON input.I need to create HL7 message sgements with the nodes MSH,EVN,PID,PV1 with the fields values.
i need to write the javascript using node red.

Could you please guide me on this to achive the same.


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A link to where we can read what an HL7 message is would be helpful, to save us googling.

It is health related and somewhat complex :grinning:

Introduction to HL7 Standards | HL7 International
HL7® Specifications: The Basics - Caristix

I dont know HL7 but there are a few packages on Github and NPM.

for example, you could, in a function node, add this module on the setup tab then in the "on message" write some standard JS to create your HL7 message.

Hi Team,

Thank you for your kind responses and i am currently creating using JavaScript with the HL7 segments.

Thank you for your suggestion and the answers.

I assume you're using one of the pipe delimited formats and not FHIR? You may have some luck playing with the CSV node using | as your delimiter. Can you give an example of your input data (with PII stripped of course?) I did basically the opposite of this (parsing HL7 into JS objects to push in real time to influx) a couple years back and found that it wasn't terribly tough.

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