Convert incoming FHIR XML message to HL7

Hi All,
My first post. I apologise in advance if below is a little long winded....
I'm relatively new to Node-Red but am "lucky" enough to have taken over responsibility for our N-R engine at work, which in a nutshell receives HL7 messages from UK hospitals and processes to store and maintain the contained patient demographic and ED/admission/appointment data into a mongo database.
I'm fairly comfortable with how it currently works, but we are now having to think about being able to receive this data as a FHIR probably XML format from one or two hospitals very soon. So my thinking is to develop some pre-processing in an N-R flow to receive the FHIR XML message, convert it to the appropriate HL7 message and forward it to our main existing HL7 flow to process as usual.
It looks like the XML node converts to a JSON object. So I'm basically not sure if there is way to do it within the XML node or if there is a fairly painless way of converting the JSON object to an HL7 message.

Hi! The short answer is yes. All of this is possible.

The longer answer is do you have some dummy data in both formats that you can show us? Ideally, both of these formats would contain the exact same data. Then it should be pretty easy to understand how the conversion is done.

If for some reason there is some difficulty, there are NPM packages that understand both formats so you could easily utilise one of these packages in a function node.

Thanks for quick reply Steve
I do have plenty of HL7 examples but not right now on the XML side. I'll try and sort that out early next week and post something.
Have a great weekend

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