Create multiple CCUs in RedMatic

I have successfully installed RedMatic on my Homematic CCU3 Now I would like to integrate a second CCU in RedMatic. Unfortunately I am still Node Red Newbee and I can't get any further.

In the meantime I have understood that I have to create a second Configuration Node for node-red-contrib-ccu. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do this.
Can someone support me?

I think you may be better off asking over at as it's not part of the main project so I have no idea if anyone over here uses it.

Hi dceejay,

Thank you very much. I just solved my Problem by myself.

Any hints you care to share for the next person who asks ?

you're right, of course, sorry.

An additional CCU can be created in the editing dialog for each Homematic component. Just click on the displayed CCU and select "new ccu connection". Then use the edit button to enter the details.

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