Node-red-contrib-ccu - Missing devices

Hi there,

I installed node-red on a vm and added the package node-red-contrib-ccu to connect the node-red instance with my homematic ccu.

Worked fine so far. After installing the nodes for the ccu showed up and I was able to configure the ccu. It got found automatically, so I just added the "init adress" for the node-red instance and saved and deployed.

Programs seem to work fine, Rooms are visible cuxd devices are avaiable as well.

Unfortunatelly the devices from the Homematic ccu (all devices that are attatched) do not show up. So I can' start building a flow, cause I can't access the devices.

Has anybody got any idea what problem may occur here?
The console does not show any errors.

Here's a log that shows that the BidCos-RF is connected fine.

10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] Interfaces: ReGaHSS, BidCos-RF, HmIP-RF, VirtualDevices, CUxD
10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] Interface ReGaHSS connected
10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] init BidCos-RF nr_YxkZWa_BidCos-RF
10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] init HmIP-RF nr_YxkZWa_HmIP-RF
10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] init VirtualDevices nr_YxkZWa_VirtualDevices
10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] init CUxD binrpc:// nr_PpoBVw_CUxD
10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] binrpc server listening on binrpc://
10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] xmlrpc server listening on
10 Jan 17:25:29 - [info] [ccu-connection:] Interface CUxD binrpc port 8701 connected
10 Jan 17:25:30 - [info] [ccu-connection:] Interface HmIP-RF http port 2010 connected
10 Jan 17:25:30 - [info] [ccu-connection:] regadata saved to \Users\mru\.node-red\ccu_rega_192.168.178.22.json
10 Jan 17:25:30 - [info] [ccu-connection:] Interface BidCos-RF http port 2001 connected
10 Jan 17:25:40 - [info] [ccu-connection:] Interface VirtualDevices http port 9292 connected

Has anybody got any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks alot!


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