Connecting NodeRed to a CCU (Homematic)

Hello, I am using NodeRed inside the Homeassistant. Beside that there is also an Homematic Addon installed.

Now I like to connect NodeRed with the Homematic CCU with the help of the “nodered contrib ccu”.

(GitHub - ptweety/node-red-contrib-ccu: Node-RED Nodes for the Homematic CCU )

In the configuration of the node I use “localhost” for the CCU address and the ip for the listen address.

For the ports I use the following:

BINRPC: 2048
XMLRPC: 2049

The result after deployment is, that the node indicator remain red and it shows "disconnected ".

I belive I need to do some kind of portforwarding for these ports in the NodeRed Config to make it work but I have no idea where.

Do you have any idea or a nice tutorial to help?

Thanks in advance


Yes. Home Assistant runs Node-RED inside a docker container, you may need to ask on the HA forum how they launch it as that is where you will need to open the ports.

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