Create multiple pages on dashboard

hello, I want to creat more than one page in my UI, but i don't know how to do that.
I tried to do what this gentleman did but it was not clear to me

You cannot create multiple pages with Dashboard. Dashboard is a Single Page App (SPA).

You can create multiple tabs using the configuration in Node-RED.

how can i do it ? do you have an exemple

Do what? Do you really want a multi-page app? There are several approaches including the use of http-in/-out nodes or the use of uibuilder.

If you want tabs on Dashboard, the details are in the docs.

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What do you mean by "pages" - As @TotallyInformation says the dashboard is a single page application - but it can have multiple "Tabs" - which look like different pages of information - you can add them by using the +tab button on the dashboard sidebar.


ooh I try it, that's what I want. Thaaank you

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