Seperate Dashboard pages

Good day all

I would like to get only the bit with the info loaded. I am successfully passing the dashboard to my website in an iframe. the iframe shows the entire page. Is there a way of having different flows on different pages to avoid having the menu on the left? I dont want the interenet user to see the menu just the focussed data that I have placed on the dashboard? I only want the iframe to show the info block not the whole page with a blank section as they would then need to scroll to find the info they require as the iframe will be substantially smaller than the whole page

Thank you

You can disable the menu I think.

So you mean that you want to produce >1 page but not have a menu? If so, that isn't how Dashboard works. Dashboard produces a Single Page App (SPA), a single page that loads all the code - the apparent multiple "pages" are just tabs in the same actual page. You can only have 1 Dashboard per Node-RED instance.

There are other options if you really want multiple actual pages but they require you to write some front-end code.

Hi Daryl,
Can perhaps this setting (see right sidebar in flow editor) solve your problem:



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