Create plugin for custom node

I have created a custom node successfully, now I need to create a plugin for this node so that we can easily install into any servers into 1 click please help me out with this.

well you could use npm install ?
I am maybe not fully understanding your quesiton...

So I have created custom node in my node-red and if I need to install to some where else in server then I need to place that node file from my device to that server then I have to npm install it and these is not possible to copy paste that file from my device to server I need some thing plugin type that should install with just npm install without copy pasting

On what OS are you using node-red?
I would:

  1. Upload the node to Github

  2. Write a bash or python script that should download the GitHub package move it to .node-red, open the dir .node red run npm install, and delete the downloaded package.

  3. You could use curl to run a command, it should look something like this:

curl https://example/ --output  && python

I'm using windows OS

Okay, I think to have the easiest solution, I just remembered that I read it somewhere on the forum a couple of days ago...

  1. Upload your node to npm.
  2. In the .node-red directory, you should see a package.json file, if you open it you will see a list of your installed nodes.

Now on the computer that you want to install you should:

  1. Turn off node-red
  2. Edit package.json and add the node name that you previously uploaded to npm, save the file
  3. Run npm install
  4. Start node-red
    Your nodes from package.json will be installed
    msg me in private messages if you have anymore issues, i will be glad to help you...

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