Create Rest API Service on PI which act on PUT and GET requests


Can some one help me, I like to build some functions on my node-red implementation. to control them via an API. Very simple when sending a PUT I want to control the GPIO
and a GET which show some results back

PUT "https://HostRP4/ASCOMInitiative/api/v1/dome/0/closeshutter"
PUT "https://HostRP4/ASCOMInitiative/api/v1/dome/0/openshutter"
which cause a status change on the GPIO pin

GET "https://HostRP4/ASCOMInitiative/api/v1/dome/0/shutterstatus gives the status predefined status back like open, opening, close, closing

Can some help me to get this done

This all is related to ascom-alpaca. I like to control my Roll-off Roof also via API

Thank in advanced


Start with the http examples in the cookbook.

Thanks Colin i will check this first

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