Create sub-category for ESP/Arduino stuff

and/or Pi Python stuff as well.

Quite a few people use microcontrollers as edge devices and talk to them from Node-RED over serial or MQTT.

Just suggesting that maybe worth these sort of discussions having their own category?

I thought that's what the #hardware category is for? :thinking:

That doesn't leap out at me for C/C++/Python etc coding type discussions but would be appropriate for some ESP/Arduino type issues

This is a tricky one... this is a Node-RED forum so should be focussed around that. I know there is a lot of community crossover to ESP, Arduino and to some extent Python etc - but reality is the JS Foundation have to pay for this forum service for us. Due to the popularity and growth we keep exceeding various tier limits so the bills keep going up. So far no-one is getting heavy with us about it - but we do need to be careful about just adding on / encouraging non-core activity when they should have their own fora to discuss their specialism.


FTAOD I'm not looking for a place to talk about such stuff :slight_smile:

I encourage people to talk about such subjects elsewhere but some forum members are too helpful and start answering them here :slight_smile:

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For the avoidance of doubt, I've just looked up what FTAOD means.

It means... :blush:


I doubt if that is the correct acronym (ha,ha,ha).

Too many sub groups becomes rather messy. People tend to not post where they should've, then others get upset ....

Flat hierarchy is a good hierarchy :space_invader:

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