Creating Hot Spott after time period if not connected to wifi (Raspberry pi)


im realy new to Node-red and Raspberry Pi. I have a Projekt where the Raspberry is part of an Smart Home device.
i want to archive following behavior:
On Boot the Raspberry Pi / Node-red should check after some time period if it is connected to a network (dont have to be with internet connection). If its not connected with a known Network, it should create a HotSpot so that i can connect to the Node Red Dashboard via another PC through the URL. In the Dashboard i will use some Inputs (like this post) to setup a wifi connection. After an established wifi connection the hotspot should close or the Raspberry restarts.

The raspberry pi needs to be wireless and headless so other non IT-People like my dad could set it up.

If someone could give me a hint how i could create hotspots and close them, that would be realy nice because i couldnt find something fitting in the Forum and i am a little bit lost.

Thanks beforhand !

nothing to do with node-red, but still... I believe this is what you're looking for:

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