Node Red WiFi login page

Hi Guys,
I need to design a Wifi Login page for Node Red.
Requirement : User can switch hotspots or go with new Wifi connection with user name and password.
Kindly suggest some solutions.

Please give some more details. When you say the user needs a new wifi login page, log into what? a router? hotspot?

What platform are you running NR on?
How does the user normally connect to WiFi?

Thanks Zenofmud for reply,
Sorry for incomplete information,
Just need a web page, from where available wifi connections can be scanned to connect after entering a password, or user can enter available WiFi credential to connect, This should be through web page.
I did it for ESP32 and ESp8266 where it created its own captive wifi, but here with Raspberry pi or PC we have advance of touch screen to enter these WiFi credential detail just need to get it done with node-red web page.

NR is running on PC and Raspberry Pi also.
We need to connect Raspberry pi or PC to WiFi through web page.

Please let me know if any other info required.


I suppose a dashboard with a dropdown list of access points and a password input field should be simple enough.

How to populate the dropdown options?
On a Raspberry Pi you can get the details of nearby access points using the exec node, for example

(Not sure if jc is installed by default)

How to connect to the chosen access point?
On a Pi you need a stanza for the chosen AP in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf.
So you could modify the file and restart networking (or reboot).
I would probably edit the file using OS utilities and exec. It's probably possible with the file-out node too, but it needs sudo to access it.

As for doing this on a PC, I dare say the same or equivalent commands are available in PowerShell or a Linux for WIndows session.

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Take a look at this flow that was added to the Flows tab awhile ago, It may be just what you want:

However I don't know if it will work in Windows

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