Creating lists in Sharepoint Online using NodeRed

Hi Guys, I am trying to create a Sharepoint list and the authentication process and amount of options out there has kept me busy for days. Nevermind the complexity obtaining the correct tokens to use the Graph APIs. I have used the Graph OAuth Login node to create a token but found out that I cannot use a client secret instead of client assertion, otherwise you get stuck with "unsupported app only token" errors.

Has anyone had success with this? Perhaps a simpler method of writing data to Sharepoint lists?

I've done a lot of work with Office 365 professionally but very little programming with it. Mostly PowerShell.

However, there are a lot of resources made available these days and I would recommend starting with the Microsoft documentation and looking at their node.js examples. If you can get those working then it will be possible to add Node-RED into the mix.

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