Sharepoint and Node-Red

i am trying to create a list in sharepoint. Also edit it and upload an image file (or url)
I've been looking around the web but I found little for node-red or nodejs.
I got a flow to get an access token and still can't authenticate

Has anyone achieved something with sharepoint and node-red or has experience?

Unrelated to node-red but I do recall we tried to do "stuff" at work to access Sharepoint from automated tools and it proved a pain. Not sure if they even made it work. Would be interesting to find out where you get too!

Is this SharePoint Online (Office 365) or on-prem (eg SP 2013)?

Microsoft maintain a whole bunch of tools for working with SharePoint from JavaScript and that is where I'd start. I don't remember ever seeing any nodes.

I'd be interested in following your exploration though. We make very heavy use of SharePoint Online but I have never had time to chase down more than the bare minimum of SP JavaScript.