Creating node for object detection

I have to create a node, based of some existing ML model. I'm a pretty beginner of node-red, so I'm creating this topic, to request you guys for some advices/approach to create that node. Its my intern task, so giving more details, its should be something like CoCoSSD node. Is it a difficulat to do, having some ml model which is trained for detecting object ?

It isn't especially hard to create a node and I would strongly advise you to create a simple dummy node first. There is a simple example provided in the core Node-RED but I also have a more complex but annotated example here:

I can't comment on the ML side of things of course. However, it is critically important that you understand the flow of things. How Node-RED starts with a Node.JS service, runs ExpressJS, loads all of the node modules. Also how msgs interact with a node. You should also understand how Node-RED deals with shutdown's and (re)deployment, especially if you are creating other services that run within or under Node-RED.

How easy you will find it to pick up depends somewhat on your understanding of JavaScript and Node.js.

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