Machine Learning Node RED blocks

I need to start working with the machine learning library, is there any document explaining it with examples?

Is this a related NR question?

yes, because I need to use the Node-RED machine learning library and I'm not sure how it works, I've been browsing the documentation page and I have a lot of doubts.

If you have doubts it would be useful if you could explain what they are (it will be easier for someone to answer them then).

It would also be useful if you can specify which Node-RED machine learning library you are referring to.

I'm using the node-red-contrib-machine-learning library.
My doubts are in the following:

In the create dataset block I need to create a training file in csv file to apply later to make predictions?

If there is a document with small examples it would be important to.

I have a file in .csv format where i'm storaging the received temperature values of a sensor temperature, but i don't known how work with him in Node-RED, i'm not understand what part is training and what part is test in the .csv file or how separate the training values of the test values.

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I think this is such a fundamental question regarding the node user functions so I assume you will have best chance to get answer directly from author Gabriele Maurina here:

I am not being able to implement machine learning in Node-RED, if you could give me a small example to be able to understand how to program I thank you for the help.

I have not used it but there are example flows here:

Though I see that the author does not seem to have responded to any issues for over a year which is never a good sign.

Colin, yes it's something I noticed that there are no answers or news about this library about a year ago. Can you tell if anyone has worked with these nodes and can share them?

After a deeper search I found this link where you can find some information.

I have a .csv extension file where I have the temperature register and the time of that register, however I would like to be given some tips about the machine learning to apply namely if with these two variables you should use the classification or the prediction.

Does anybody know working of these nodes?

You have to look at the BigML node-red implementation of machine learning.. gives you all the stuff you probably need.