Node red and create dataset

I want to create a dataset to use as input for a Machine Learning classifier from a CSV file.

Here is the format of the file.


Here is the error message that appears.

msg : error

"TypeError: The "options" argument must be of type object. Received an instance of Array"

Welcome to the forum @Simox

Show us how you are trying to achieve that and tell us which node is generating the error. You only need to show us up to the node generating the error.

Import create dataset node


Is that the node from Whenever you are using a non-standard node please tell us what you are using.
Have you installed all the requirements mentioned in the link above?
Otherwise I don't think I can help as I know nothing about those nodes. If no-one else responds here you may need to ask on the nodes github page (linked from the page linked). Read through all the issues there first though, in case it is a known problem.

Thank you

is working


the file utils.js "node.proc = spawn(pcmd, [node.file], ['pipe', 'pipe','pipe'])" should change to "node.proc = spawn(pcmd, [node.file], {stdio:['pipe', 'pipe','pipe']})"

Please feed that back to an issue on the github page so others can make use of it.

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