Creation of Catalog

editorTheme: {
palette: {
editable: true, // Enable/disable the Palette Manager
catalogues: [ // Alternative palette manager catalogues
theme: [ // Override node colours - rules test against category/type by RegExp.
{ category: ".", type: ".", color: "#f0f" }
} ,

    projects: {
        // To enable the Projects feature, set this value to true
        enabled: false

I am using above theme .But When I open Pallet it says that error occurred,but nothing in console

When I try to install a node from my repo I am getting
npm ERR! 404 Not Found - GET
73/newNode - no such package available

I mentioned a different package in catalogue.json like below

Anyone faced this issue

@josekavunkal rather than reuse this old topic, please start a new topic for your specific question.

Can you provide more details on exactly what you are doing and when you get that error?

Regarding the error loading your catalog - that is happening because your catalog is not valid JSON. You have an extra comma at the end of the node-type line:

            "types": [

We should be logging more details in the console for that - will check into why that isn't happening.

As for your 404 error - without more details as to what you are doing, its hard to say. I assume you've configured npm to use your custom registry?

This fixed the issue .Thank you Nick ,was struggling to resolve it.
But this extra coma was ignored by JSON parsers and there was no error at all .
I was confused by this .