Add category url to palette manager

Hi all,
I’m wanting to add my own nodes that I host somewhere like github, to an instance of node-red.
I saw the Palette management UI design wiki and one of the feature requests/design items describes configuring the available catalogs . This looks really close to what I need, ie create a catalog file alongside my nodes and specify this url via the UI but it looks like the initial implementation will do/does this by hardcoding something in the setting.js file. I’ve looked for some working examples of this but haven’t had any luck. Has anyone done this successfully? Specifically, how would I configure this if my category file was hosted on github and similarly so were my nodes?
How about if I my node-red instance was running in a container on some cloud provider (azure,gc,aws)?

Thanks for any advice/pointers/help in advance

Actually, I found that I can use the API to achieve what I was describing:+1:t5:

Hi, Can you please tell how you did?