Custom node feed. How to add

Hi all,

Creating a node and publishing it to a private npm registry (devops artifacts) was easy enough… now I'm having trouble finding documentation on how to add that registry to my Node-RED palette.

I'd like my users to be able to see what I've published as additional custom nodes.
How do I tell Node-RED to make these private packages available as well?


You can add an entry to the palette catalogues array in settings.js file. Configuration : Node-RED that points to your private registry.

Thanks, Steve! I believe your hint solved the issue!

It seems the only problem was that I was using a deprecated version of the settings. Now, however, I have another question.

I'm currently building and publishing my packages on an Azure DevOps Artifact feed. Do I need to build the 'json catalogue' manually, or is there a way to automate this process?

It's a manual process to build the catalogue JSON.