Npm search custom registry


We use some custom and private npm node-red packages that we maintain on our private npm registry.
Is there a way to add that registry to node-red? Kind of like what we do with registry in .npmrc?

I have looked at the code but can't really find where exactly was the query for modules list from npm.




Hi @farfromrefug

The Node-RED editor doesn't query npm directly - it accesses a catalogue we curate on

You can provide your own catalogue in addition to the default one - some details here:

The runtime will still invoke npm install <modulename> regardless of the catalogue it comes from - so you'll also need to configure .npmrc to do the right thing.



HI @knolleary,

Thanks ! It s really cool to see that It is possible!
Do you have a tool to generate that json file?

about the npmrc yes that what I thought . Will try with a .npmrc generated inside nodered.settings.userDir.